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This type of bankruptcy is very commonly referred to as the ‘fresh start’ bankruptcy because this type of bankruptcy wipes out most debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts an immediate stop to all collections activity, including phone calls, billing, foreclosure, car repossession, and garnishment and levies.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy is available to people who are under the median income in Minnesota and therefore don’t have to repay any money to their credit card debt, medical debt etc. It’s a bankruptcy that typically takes about 90 days from filing date to discharge. Most people that file a chapter 7 don’t lose any assets. Student loans and certain types of tax debt are not eligible to be discharged in a chapter 7, along with a few other types of debt. But to really understand, it is highly recommended to talk with a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. Bill Kain and Margaret Henehan are highly qualified chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys serving Minnesotans.

Once the 90 or so days are up and you have received your discharge, (a court-issued document that prevents your creditors from collecting on the debt) it’s time to move on with your life! This is the ideal time to begin to work on your credit, start budgeting and work on some savings goals. A chapter 7 bankruptcy can be the solution you need.

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Filing a Bankruptcy with Kain + Henehan in 4 Steps:

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We’ll confirm and finalize your paperwork. Once you’re ready, you’ll sign off on your bankruptcy filing.

We submit your paperwork to the courts. At this point, all of the protections of a bankruptcy are in place. We only have one quick phone call or Zoom meeting to confirm your paperwork.

If you filed a Chapter 7, your debt will be discharged in about 3 months. If your case is a Chapter 13, your debt will be discharged in 3 to 5 years, according to the payment plan set in your case.




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