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There are two sides to evictions: the landlord or property managers and the tenants. But when times get hard, sometimes making that rent payment becomes difficult or impossible depending on your financial burdens.

At Kain + Henehan, we can help you avoid eviction by filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. We are bankruptcy lawyers located in the St. Cloud and Twin Cities area, providing our services to all Minnesotans. We understand the concern that accompanies financial troubles and possible eviction.

One of bankruptcy’s most powerful tools is the ability to stop a foreclosure or an eviction.

chapter 13 bankruptcy has the ability to permanently stop evictions and get you on a path to getting current on your rent payments. It allows for you to make payments over 3-5 years to your landlord in order to get up to date.

We can take a look at your financial situation with you and give you honest advice about possible next steps. 

When to Use Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyers Kain+Henehan

It is best to talk with us as soon as you believe an eviction process may be starting. Missing your rent payments may be a serious sign that you are struggling to keep up with all your financial obligations.  At Kain + Henehan, we recommend that you take us up on our free 60 minute consultation.

You don’t need to prepare anything for this meeting, but you just should have a general idea of your total debt and what your assets are.

We will review your concerns with you, outline some options, and upon conclusion, if you believe filing for bankruptcy is the next step, we will provide you with what is needed for our next appointment.

Your consultation can be completed virtually, by phone, or in-person at one of our two offices in Mendota Heights and St. Cloud.

We know that facing the prospect of bankruptcy can be intimidating so we make sure to make you feel comfortable and understood.  As a small boutique firm serving all of Minnesota, our goal is lay out your options and make sure you understand the best solution for you.

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