Foreclosures & Evictions

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Foreclosures & Evictions

One of bankruptcy’s most powerful tools is the ability to stop a foreclosure or eviction.

A chapter 13 bankruptcy has the ability to permanently stop foreclosures or evictions and get you on a path to getting current on your mortgage or your rent payments. It allows for you to make payments over 3-5 years to your mortgage holder or landlord in order to get up to date.

Chapter 13 allows a flexible payment term that you wouldn’t be able to get working with your mortgage lender or landlord. Kain + Henehan will go over your mortgage or rent arrears and calculate what chapter 13 payments will look like to get you back on track and staying in your home.

Filing a Bankruptcy with Kain + Henehan in 4 Steps:

Your consultation can be completed virtually, via phone, or in person at one of our two offices in Mendota Heights and St. Cloud.

We’ll confirm and finalize your paperwork. Once you’re ready, you’ll sign off on your bankruptcy filing.

We submit your paperwork to the courts. At this point, all of the protections of a bankruptcy are in place. We only have one quick phone call or Zoom meeting to confirm your paperwork.

If you filed a Chapter 7, your debt will be discharged in about 3 months. If your case is a Chapter 13, your debt will be discharged in 3 to 5 years, according to the payment plan set in your case.




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