How Can We Meet?

How Can We Meet?

The days of only having one way to meet with an attorney were over before the pandemic changed our lives – but Covid-19 certainly accelerated the transition that is our new normal: it’s not required to have a face-to-face conference with a lawyer in order to start the bankruptcy process. At Kain + Henehan, there are a number of ways that we can get together to talk over the issues in your case and what we can do to resolve them. 

In Person. Of course you always have the ability to sit down face-to-face with one of our lawyers. Simply contact Kain + Henehan to schedule a time to meet. There’s no fee for the first conference, and there’s no obligation to do anything as a result of this meeting. These first conferences typically take about one hour to complete, and all the information shared in the conference is privileged – it’s strictly confidential. The advantages of in person conferences are the privacy of the conversation and the enhanced likelihood that your attention will be completely concentrated on the subject matter of the consultation. 

By Phone. We can schedule a first appointment to take place over the phone if that is your preference. With cell phones you have the ability to be just about anywhere and still speak with the attorney, With no worries about traveling to and from the lawyer’s office and the elimination of travel time, phone conferences can be extremely efficient for the client who needs information but doesn’t have a lot of time. 

By Video Platform. The pandemic introduced everyone to the joys of meeting via video conference. At Kain + Henehan we can schedule an initial meeting via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype – whatever platform works best for the client. There is a benefit to being able to see the person on the other side of the call – video conferencing makes that possible. Video conferencing has the advantage of the time-saving of a phone call and the advantage of a more personal connection, The bottom line is that at Kain + Henehan we don’t want to make it difficult for you to get the advice you need to make a good decision about your financial future. There’s no fee and no obligation with your initial appointment. To schedule an appointment, find us at or call 612-438-8006. 

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