About Kain + Henehan

About Kain + Henehan

Let bankruptcy lawyer Margaret Henehan tell you about the bankruptcy practice of Kain + Henehan, a boutique bankruptcy law firm serving all of Minnesota with personal bankruptcy. Bill Kain is based out of the St. Cloud office and Margaret Henehan is based out of the Twin Cities office. Call 612-438-8006 or contact us online to learn more about locations and office hours or message us using our online form. All appointments can be conducted virtually as well.

At Kain + Henehan, we believe bankruptcy is an entirely new beginning – a way for Minnesota citizens to recover from financial hardship. Many people who file for bankruptcy have fallen on hard times because of unexpected events such as an accident, job loss or major illness. Medical debt is one of the leading reasons for families seeking relief through bankruptcy. As the nation recovers post pandemic, Minnesota economy was trailing the nation’s recovery at the end of 2022 but economists see resiliency.

Instead of viewing bankruptcy as an end, think of it as the smart way to address your financial difficulties in a constructive and efficent way. At Kain + Henehan, we want your bankruptcy to be a positive turning point where you can shed problems with debt and gain a fresh start financially.

“Kain + Henehan was opened in April of 2021. It’s made up of Bill Kain, who is my business partner. He has practiced bankruptcy since 1982 so he’s got 40 years of bankruptcy experience under his belt. Then I am Margaret Henehan. I’ve been practicing bankruptcy since 2013. Our law firm only does consumer bankruptcy so we don’t work with creditors. We don’t protect creditors rights.

We protect consumer rights, people that have debt. This is our only area of practice. You don’t want to hire us for your divorce or your personal injury case. We are just a bankruptcy law firm. Bill and I worked together previous to 2021 at a different bankruptcy law firm and broke off last year to start Kain + Henehan.”

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