Serving St. Cloud, MN

Serving St. Cloud, MN

Kain & Henehan, Serving St. Cloud, MN

Let Bill Kain of the bankruptcy practice of Kain+ Henehan tell you about serving St. Cloud residents and about his hometown of St. Cloud. With offices located here in St. Cloud, Kain + Henehan serves clients across all of Minnesota with personal bankruptcy. Call 612-438-8006 or use our online form to learn more.

Bill Kain is based out of the St. Cloud office and his partner, Margaret Henehan, is based out of the Twin Cities office. At Kain + Henehan, we believe bankruptcy is an entirely new beginning – a way for Minnesota citizens to recover from financial hardship. Many people who file for bankruptcy have fallen on hard times because of unexpected events such as an accident, job loss or major illness. Instead of viewing bankruptcy as an end, think of it as the smart way to address your financial difficulties in a constructive and efficent way. At Kain + Henehan, we want your bankruptcy to be a positive turning point where you can shed problems with debt and gain a fresh start financially.

By serving St. Cloud residents and folks all across Minnesota, we feel proud of what we offer and how we handle our practice. We look forward to being of service if you are in need.


“I’m a lifelong resident of St. Cloud. I was born and raised there. After I went to law school at the University of Minnesota that I came back to St. Cloud. I came back to my hometown. St. Cloud’s a city of about 75,000 people. There are surrounding communities, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, St. Joseph, Waite Park, Cold Spring that creates a metropolitan area of about 100,000 people or so. St. Cloud is right on the Mississippi River. It’s the reason the city is there. The other reason St. Cloud exists is that we have significant granite deposits surrounding the city. St. Cloud’s nickname is the granite city. The population is fairly diverse now, much more so than when I was growing up. Our diversity is welcomed.

St. Cloud is actually in three different counties. It’s the county seat of Stearns County, which is where most of St. Cloud is located. Parts of St. Cloud are also, that are across the Mississippi River, are in Benton County and Sherburne County. St. Cloud has three different high schools. There’s St. Cloud Tech, St. Cloud Apollo, St. Cloud Cathedral. There’s a state university in St. Cloud, St. Cloud State University. There’s two private colleges just outside of St. Cloud, St. John’s University, College of St. Benedict. There’s technical and community college in St. Cloud. Our educational institutions are big drivers of the economy of St. Cloud.

St. Cloud is also kind of a retail center for outstate central Minnesota so people who are not inclined to travel to the Twin Cities Metro to do their shopping often who live in central Minnesota often come to St. Cloud. I’ve enjoyed living there. I practiced law there for 40 years. I grew up with the folks that I represent. I went to school with them. They’re my friends, a few of my relatives, and so I’ve always enjoyed living there.”

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